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地球 和 环境 Programs

Students in our 地球 和 环境 Network programs are united by their passion for the environment. Each of our programs develop student underst和ing 和 scholarship for our environment 和 resource use, from the structure 和 processes of our natural world in Biology or 地球科学 majors, to how humans use 和 impact the world today in 环境 Studies,  Economics, or 地理位置 majors, to our historic use of resources in 人类学.

Undergraduate Major
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UNC地球 & 环境 Network

The UNC地球 和 环境 Network (UNCEEN) is a collaborative effort between 环境 related programs at the University of Northern Colorado. 这些项目 provide education, training, engagement, professional development, outreach, 和 community building for those interested in different aspects of our underst和ing 和 interaction with the physical 和 biological world. 

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Where can a career in 地球 和 Environment take 你?

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可持续性 Planner

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环境 Planner

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Biological Technician

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Cultural Resource Specialist

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Elementary or High School Teacher

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Every year, thous和s of people just like 选择UNC.

Our small class sizes, nationally recognized faculty, sophisticated facilities 和 affordable tuition make this the perfect time 和 place for 你 to chart 你r new 课程.

凯西Luzar 凯西Luzar

"The best part of the Communication Studies program is the learning that goes on both inside 和 outside of the classroom. You apply communication knowledge every day."

– 凯西Luzar, LPH President, Communication Studies: Class of 2013

莫丽巷 莫丽巷

"The JMC program helped me build the skills I need for a career in the industry. 也, because of the small class sizes, I received the individual attention I needed to underst和 the content. Most importantly, I was able to build personal relationships with my instructors 和 peers. My favorite thing about the program is that it allows each student's unique skills 和 talents to shine."

– 莫丽巷, Journalism-Public Relations & Advertising Media

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